Family Guy: Uncensored Free

Family Guy: Uncensored Free 1.0

Stewie meets Megaman in this popular cartoon tie-in


  • Good graphics
  • Megaman-style platform action


  • No voices
  • Family Guy theme tune doesn't appear
  • Not funny

Not bad

I always get a bit concerned when developers decide to release game versions of popular comedy shows - generally because they turn out to be very unfunny.

Predictably, Family Guy: Uncensored Free on the iPhone falls into this bracket. You assume the role of Stewie (probably the show's least funny character) in a platform game reminiscent of 16-bit classic Megaman. You have to escape from the futuristic underground world by jumping blocks and shooting bad guys.

The gameplay in Family Guy: Uncensored Free isn't terrible, it's just a standard, run-of-the-mill platform game that just happens to feature a character from the show. And herein lies the problem - the game doesn't tie itself in closely enough to Family Guy. Only Stewie and Brian appear in the game, their voices aren't included, and the real theme music from the show doesn't feature anywhere. Given that this is an official title, I found this pretty lame and something of a waste.

Family Guy: Uncensored Free isn't easy, and even though only one level is playable in this free version, it will still take you a while to finish. That's because there are no checkpoints at all in the game, and you have to start back from the beginning every time you die, which gets very tedious, especially as it means you have to endure more of the monotonous looping soundtrack.

The graphics in Family Guy: Uncensored Free are pretty good and the range of baddies and different obstacles makes it fairly enjoyable.

Ultimately though, playing this game isn't half as entertaining as watching an episode of Family Guy.

Family Guy: Uncensored Free


Family Guy: Uncensored Free 1.0

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